Thursday, February 17, 2011

                                   As you can see it's a lil messy, jun's house is under renovation :)

Howdy! Two more days to go & i will be back in Singapore. I can't deny that i really love living in the philippines, i enjoyed a lot and I really gonna miss the people here. Well, life will be back as normal after returning back to Singapore. As for gifts that i promised i'll bring back for my friends, sorry to disappoint you guys, i didn't really have time to go to the city to hunt for gifts because there's so many happenings occurred, was really unexpected too, i hope you guys understand!! I need to thank Ritche's cousins & friends for being so caring and entertaining for these two months!(Well, these guys never fail to make me laugh every single day) Due to the bad weather, we didn't really went out to mingle, but we still make our way through, enjoying our days to the fullest! I will really love to come back again if i got the chance to! Alright, time to hit the sack, i'm running out of words too, tata!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

View from jun's room

Dining with rit's relatives
I love the scallops!

 Let's meet shovi :)

People must be wondering: "Where the hell has she been?!" Oh well, i'm at the Philippines -Cebu, bitoon. -Vacation. Firstly, i want to wish everyone an extremely belated Happy 2011! ^__^ & an advanced Happy Chinese New Year to all who are celebrating it! I won't be celebrating this year though as i'm still at the philippines! I know it is an essential ethics for every chinese family to celebrate but sadly i will be at the philippines on these days. Secondly, i really miss my family, i've not met them for like...two months? I'm getting homesick! Anyway, it's having a monsoon season here now, in the philippines. It's been pouring almost everyday, so it's rather inconvenient for traveling. Not forgetting to mention that the stays here at ritche's hometown is really awesome and the people here are lovely! I didn't really make good use of my camera here though, worst thing is i left my USB cable at the singapore, thus i won't be able to upload my pictures here :( Anyway, rit and i got a puppy as a gift from his cousin, sweet isn't it? Anyway, say byebye to January and hello Febuary! The time really flies so rapidly. It's the first of the month as well as the every special day of the month which is none other than our anniversary (rit & i). We never celebrate it in a grand way before hence it was a lil disappointed that the trip to Boracay has been cancelled due to the monsoon season. Alright, i shall end my post with a lil tribute for Ritche:

Here i go..
Happy 1year 8months of being together, honey! Well, we don't really have to celebrate in a grand way, what matters is, as long as you're here with me :) You know, i'm really bad in using honeyed word! I'm really glad that we made it through every obstacles we've met. Thank you for your endurance and your unselfish concern for a snob like me. I love you

Friday, October 1, 2010

Reviving the dead :)

Howdy! Time for some updates! Been working and hanging out with friends for the past weeks and oh! my hamster gave birth again! Before the clock strike 12am, i'm gonna wish the both me and my honey a Happy 16th monthsary! :) O-live you! It seems like i'm gonna end here, i'm running outta words. tata!